Short-term/Summer Housing


We are a residential community based on Quaker principals striving to live together in harmony and support one another as we individually and collectively pursue missions of faith, goodwill, education and humanitarian service in the local and broader community.

Our collective mission is fulfilled primarily through long-term residency. We do, on occasion, have rooms available for 1 to 3 months as residents move in and out of the house. We also allow residents to sublet their rooms for up to 3 months, which often happens in the summer. The application process for short-term residents is the same as that of long-term residents, as all residents are expected to fully participate in community life regardless of the length of their stay.

To begin the process, please review the information and fill out the application form on the long-term residency page and submit the application to us as instructed. We will send you a confirmation email after your application is received. The deliberation process for selection of community members can take some time. Please allow 3-6 weeks for us to review your request and come to consensus on this very important decision. Your essay is an important part of us getting to know you; please feel free to express yourself fully.

Current rates range from $1,068 and $1,695 per month, and subletters may be required to provide a deposit of $200 (to be applied to their rent payment) up to two months prior to arrival to hold the residence. All resident bathrooms are shared as are the kitchen, dining and TV areas. Residency includes joining the community for dinner at 6pm Sunday through Thursday, attendance at regular house meetings and participating in cleaning, house chores and various committees for discussion and decision making.

Dates Available

  • Rooms will be separately available for January, February and March 2018.
  • A room will be available mid-June through mid August 2018.

Please inquire at for details.

PLEASE NOTE that screening typically takes 3 to 6 weeks.

Application required, including $20 application fee. Please email with any additional questions.